We are a cross-departmental team of students from Mills College, Oakland CA. Our team consists of ten Mills graduate students working towards Masters degrees, ranging in age, field of study, and interests.
Our Vision:
ChimeSF will serve as a catalyst for engaging approximately 600 graduate students and 1,000 undergraduate women in the process of defining how we relate with our public spaces, and by extension our community.

Project Team 
Scott Watkins, MBA, MPP, Urban Designer dedicated to planning and designing healthy, affordable and resilient neighborhoods to form strong local economies.
Dan Gottwald, MFA, Sculptor, Instrument Builder, Video and Installation Artist and Composer focusing largely on the tactile and the temporary and serves as ChimeSF’s design lead.
Clare Hart-Slattery, MA, Community liaison with focus on art, technology, and activism
Amanda Wysinger, MBA, Social Media and Marketing
Sally Van Etten, MBA, Strategy, urban economics consultant
Larry Woodland, MBA, Marketing strategist with a focus on behavioral change and behavior modification through communication.
Jim Hoang, MBA, Real Estate
Marvin Miller, MBA, Social Responsibility
Not Pictured
Cathy Dinas, MBA, Digital Design at Cathy Dinas Designs | Preoccupied with #tech, #finance, #doodling, #illustration & #design. Donut  enthusiast & minimalist. 
Wes McGaughey, MBA, MPP, Public Affairs Liaison